Saturday, September 8, 2007

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.OrgDate & Time Posted: 9/7/2007
SA: As we PREDICTED, much HARSHER Affirmative Action coming soon...
[Manyani refers to these blacks in companies as "House Niggers". But this is an ANC creation. This is what THEY CREATED! They forced big businesses at gunpoint to get black shareholders and blacks in senior positions or face a lot of discrimination. So companies took in any blacks they could find. Most were unprepared for these senior positions. But, GOVT LAWS forced them to be there. So these blacks then, with nothing else to do, put a "black face on a white company". And yes, they are useless. Black owned companies were started up all over, many failed, but white companies used them as TAX WRITE OFFS! A friend of mine worked for such a black owned oil company. It later failed, and it was bought out by Shell Oil, which used it as a tax write-off!! The company I work in is part of a large group, and sometimes in my work I sit in on meetings in lovely boardrooms (a new experience for me). I sit there with anything from 20 to 70 people from all over the group. EVERY TIME I sit in on these big meetings, the first thing I do is count the racial mix of the participants. Some time back I sat in on a very high level NCA (National Credit Act) meeting, and senior business experts from all over the group were there. Of the 45, there were probably less than 4 blacks. During the meeting which lasted a whole day, the blacks sat and listened and said NOTHING. The majority of the representatives were white, followed by Indians. Whites make up 14% or less of the population and Indians make up 3%! But in these high-level meetings, I see White, Indians and Coloureds - in that order - dominating proceedings. Let it be said, in all the technical meetings I attend, the blacks, 95% of the time are nothing more than "House Niggers". They sit there, they listen, and the matters being discussed are way over their heads. They haven't got a CLUE what is going on. In this country, in business, 90%, probably 95%, of the Business Decisions are being made by: Whites, Indians and Coloureds. Blacks who make up 74% of the population don't make the decisions. But before you think you can just chuck the blacks in there... I would *LOVE* to see them throwing the blacks in willy nilly. I'd love to see it. Why? Because BUSINESS IS COMPLEX - VERY COMPLEX. We have sophisticated computer and manual systems in place. If the Blacks had to just take over overnight... you'd see CHAOS. CHAOS! I sit in on meetings and planning sessions. I know what I'm talking about. But then again, I like CHAOS! I warned a time back that that AA will get worse! The Mass Media was full of reports that it will be EASED! In YOUR DREAMS!Here are some past articles:-S Africa: The Naked Emperor - why affirmative action failedS Africa: Gender affirmative action questionedHere is where I said Alec Erwin and others were lying about AA going away:-[3 Pics] S.Africa: Black Hitler - Affirmative Action needs MUSCLE!!Note: Affirmative Action only applies to WHITE MALES. Yes, the WHITE MAN - not the WHITE WOMAN - the WHITE MALE, GETS IT IN THE NECK and has done since 1994. The White Male is the *ONLY* member of this society who is CONSTANTLY being discriminated against and attacked. The White MAN! But its making the white man TOUGHER. Its good. The White man is a fighter, and he's learning to fight against even more incredible and unbelievable odds. Jan]By Deon de LangeOutspoken Employment Equity commissioner Jimmy Manyi has slammed corporate "house niggers" who act as "ambassadors of unfair discrimination" for their white counterparts."It is alleged that some black economic empowerment partners and some non-executive directors have become 'house niggers' who are ever ready to defend the malpractices of their (white) partners, all in the name of 'good business sense'," he told members of the National Assembly's labour committee on Wednesday.Manyi was representing the Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) during the second day of public hearings into workplace discrimination.He also repeated a call for white women to be removed from the category of previously disadvantaged employees and suggested much tougher enforcement provisions be added to the Employment Equity Act (EEA).Manyi told the committee he would be presenting Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana with recommendations this week on how to speed up employment equity in corporate South Africa.These recommendations are expected to include a major review of the EEA, including harsher penalties for non-compliance, strengthened monitoring capacity for the CEE and more effective mechanisms to deal with companies who do not submit their equity reports to the CEE on time.He also wants the jurisdiction of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) to expand to include adjudication and final judgment on matters involving workplace discrimination.Currently, such cases are conciliated by the CCMA but referred to the Labour Court for final judgment, adding a costly legal step that discourages employees from reporting discrimination.Committee members with the notable exception of the DA's Anchen Dreyer voiced support for these ideas and several ANC MPs echoed Manyi's much publicised view that the country's skills shortage is exaggerated by big business as a means of sidestepping employment equity targets."There are blacks … that can enter these (corporate management) positions if only they were given the opportunity," complained ANC MP Monontsi Mzondeki.Tempers flared when Dreyer criticised Manyi's presentation as "divisive" and "racially inflaming", suggesting it added no reliable or useful information to the debate.In reply, Manyi launched a verbal attack on the MP, questioning her motives, her capabilities as an MP and her knowledge of the subject at hand until Dreyer called for protection from chairperson Rebecca Kasienyane, who appeared to comply reluctantly.But it was the Jimmy Manyi show as the Black Management Forum (BMF) of which he is president followed the CEE with its own presentation in which many of his complaints and recommendations were repeated.The BMF also repeated its previous calls for President Thabo Mbeki to appoint a commission of inquiry with powers of subpoena to look into the state of racial transformation in the workplace.Kasienyane praised both organisations for their contributions and took the unusual step of calling on Manyi to assist the committee with drawing up recommendations once the public hearings end.


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