Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SA envoys kicked out of UK

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SA ambassador marries gays
Anger at new job for 'sex pest'

London - Seven diplomats from Saudi Arabia and three from South Africa are among 28 who have left Britain in the past 10 years after being accused of serious crimes, according to official figures showed on Wednesday.
All escaped prosecution because of their diplomatic immunity, but quit the country after representations from the Foreign Office. One Saudi left after an alleged indecent assault on a child.
After Saudi Arabia, the country with the highest number of dismissals was South Africa - three officials have left since 1997 after alleged offences, including robbery.
The Foreign Office figures are the latest to highlight levels of alleged criminality among the 24 000 people in Britain who are exempt from prosecution under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
Foreign diplomats escaped legal action for 30 alleged criminal offences in 2005 and 2006, according to Foreign Office figures released last month.
Refuse to pay congestion levy
South Africans faced the most claims of criminality - they were accused of offences including stealing a car and robbery, while Saudi diplomats faced allegations of drunken driving and domestic violence.
Some foreign representatives in Britain have also been criticised for refusing to pay the £8 (about R112) congestion charge which is levied on vehicles driving through central London.
The United States is the worst non-payer and owes more than a £1m (about R14.07m) in unpaid fees.
Diplomats say the charge is a tax and that they are therefore exempt, but London mayor Ken Livingstone has said that the US refusal to pay brings "their entire government into disrepute."

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