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Black Genocide

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.OrgDate & Time Posted: 7/1/2007
SA: The Bittereinder Afrikaners are FIGHTING BACK & Black Genocide
I have been hearing from various people, and I'm watching certain folks. It appears to me that Afrikaners are fighting back - with increasing effectiveness.Some time back you will recall I mentioned the 57+ Boer organisations out there.SA: There are 57 Afrikaner/Boer Organisations out there...SA: The 57+ Afrikaner/Boer Organisations - Despondency over UnityThen of course someone ran about saying, "This is proof of how divided we are and we'll never get anywhere..." I responded by saying that if there were NO BOER ORGANISATIONS - then I'd worry - it would show that nobody wants to fight.Its better for there to be too many willing to fight - than for there to be too few. Even if people go a little crazy... and a little nutty at times... its still better than people doing BUGGER ALL.Just yesterday I was thinking to myself that if people want us whites out of Africa, we should tell them: "Sure we'll leave... when you throw our dead bodies into the sea... because that's the only time that we'll be leaving these shores." It does not matter how our numbers dwindle - I have yet to see a historical example of people who put up a stiff fight - who were just run out of a place. I can't see it being practical.I quoted that Rhodesian from the Police Special Branch the other day. Is there a Black SADC Conspiracy to Drive Whites out of Africa?A particular sentence hit me:-I predict that it will be a gradual process where they will use and milk whitey for as long as necessary... will not allow him to remain here longer than needed - what happened in Zim being a perfect model of how to do it - they may make a few adjustments but in essence the tactics will be the same! Why do we all continue fooling ourselves - have we not seen and experienced example after example of their intent and motives?The key sentence that hit me was: "Why do we all continue fooling ourselves - have we not seen and experienced example after example of their intent and motives?"Why do we all continue fooling ourselves that the blacks will change? Why do we keep on hoping the blacks will learn and see the light and sanity?But there's more to it than you think. Currently in S.Africa there may be 5 million Blacks from Zimbabwe. I predict this: If Whites are driven out of Africa... that the next thing you'll hear of is this:-1. Genocide of the Matabele people and the MDC supporters in Zimbabwe.2. Genocide of the Zulus who do not accept ANC rule.I predict that if we whites are driven out of Africa, or if we give up, that TENS OF MILLIONS OF BLACKS WILL BE MURDERED QUIETLY JUST LIKE MUGABE MURDERED THE 30,000 MATABELE IN THE 1980's. Don't think it is just us whites who are facing GENOCIDE. There are many blacks who are Pro-Western... WHO WILL BE SLAUGHTERED WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER AROUND. Currently... we whites speak out too much. We are too "in your face"... and indirectly WE KEEP THOSE BLACKS ALIVE. They don't murder those blacks too openly because we are around to tell the world about it. But when we're gone... those blacks will be murdered... like they were last time and NOBODY WILL HEAR A PEEP ABOUT IT.The rubbish theory, spawned by our enemies, that things will be BETTER when whites are gone is junk. Things will be "better" for them to murder and to destroy all opposition - yes. They'll do that. Then the last vestiges of "democracy" will be gone and they'll just murder those they don't approve of.We are a balancing force, and we are very important.I heard via the grapevine that there are Afrikaners who are talking about the value of the Bittereinders (i.e. Bitter-enders - fighting to the bitter end). Dr Chris Jordaan, who is one of them, told me that his grandfather fought in the Anglo-Boer war. When it was over he took his rifle and broke it (as did others) because he refused to surrender it to the British. That's the attitude we must have. You want this land? Sure... you can have it... after you've killed us first!Look at the Jewish Task Force. They're wild. But that's what we need. We need that wildness. Nobody in the world takes us seriously because they regard us as "Colonisers" who are too happy to leave. We need to show them that we're serious... that we'll fight to remain here. We don't want to run. We don't want to leave. The Right Wing Jews are maniacs. They're irrational, emotional individuals who will fight like maniacs. They read the Torah and don't give a rat's ass about anyone else's opinion. We need that kind of attitude. One must not always be too reasonable about things. (More on that later!)Every country that exists on this planet came into existence due to a fight. Who are the Americans to lecture us anyway? They killed off all the Red Indians. They kept black slaves long after they had been abolished in S.Africa and the British Empire. We should ask the American Govt if we are the outlet for their conscience? Are they kicking us around to satisfy their own guilt trip? If they're feeling so guilty, then why don't the Americans and the Canadians remove themselves and return North America to the Red Indians? We can always say: We'll move back to Europe... but first... you set the scene by evacuating North America and returning it to the Red Indians and the Mexicans. These American Liberals are hypocrits. They expect things of us that they would never do themselves.They have thousands of nuclear weapons to protect themselves. But they expect us to live without having rifles with which to protect ourselves from our enemies.It appears to me, as I observe and hear things that more and more hard-core, hard-assed Afrikaners are coming out of the woodwork to fight back.In my discussions with Dr Chris Jordaan some years back when I wrote Government by Deception, the two of us felt that Whites in S.Africa need to be MOBILISED. The Whites need to be mobilised and prepared. He even had a plan to create "Alternate Government Structures" in all the towns and cities in S.Africa (like the ANC once did). These would serve as structures to help inform, control and defend whites in a serious situation.Adriaan Snyman and others have been running around the country. More and more people are getting up and starting to mobilise others. This is good. This needs to continue. People need to be mobilised MENTALLY. People need to be prepared mentally. I hear that Eugene Terblanche now has a Christian Organisation and that he is running around telling people that we did not steal the land from the blacks. EXCELLENT! He is helping to remove whites from the liberal/communist guilt-trip we've all been on which has caused us not to defend ourselves when we should have.As I mentioned before... the Blacks are Colonisers here just as we were. But if you go anywhere in the world you'll see that things are even fuzzier. Its not a case of who was there first - it was of WHO CONQUERED WHOM!On this planet the simple fact is that: MIGHT IS RIGHT. History shows this. You can get and keep a country for as long as you're willing and able to defend it successfully. The winner is always right. That is how history works. All these First World countries lecturing us otherwise - themselves came into being on this exact basis - the hypocrits!It is only in recent decades that people are on a guilt-trip about conquest. (The communists started that guilt-trip with their propaganda).We must not worry ourselves too much about this stupid debate of who "rightfully owns South Africa". We must show the world that we want to stay here and we'll fight and die for that. One Afrikaner wrote to me saying that "Uncle Siener" (Van Rensburg) said that we must fight even if we have our backs to the wall. I agree. I said above one must not be too reasonable. That sounds bad doesn't it? Let me explain: If you will watch the blacks you'll see that they're completely unreasonable when it suits them. Examples:-1. The Blacks will *NEVER* deviate from their requirement of stealing the land and driving the white farmers off - even if it means they too will starve to death. No amount of reasonable and logical argument will cause them to divert from this strategy. Even watching all of Zimbabwe dying... will not cause them to change - not for one minute or second. They don't need logic to back up their argument. They want what they want and will never deviate from it, no matter how unreasonable or insane their desires are.2. Neither Mbeki nor the ANC will ever introduce a sunset clause into Affirmative Action. The Blacks will never stop moving into our businesses and parasiting off of us. We freely give them our knowledge which they take (without a thankyou) but still they want to seize control of our businesses. The minute we create a business, the blacks will parasite off of it, infiltrate it and control it. The Blacks keep shoving whites out of jobs even when it is shown that white skills are beneficial. Again - no amount of logic will cause them to deviate from their strategy. The two above examples are the same as what I wrote in Goverment by Deception. I warned that the Blacks want that which is ours. They want to "share" what belongs to us. And if they can't get it, they'll destroy it, but it is so crucial for them THAT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE IT!I am delighted to see more and more whites fighting back. It is important. Waking up other whites and mentally mobilising them is crucial.Eventually... when that mental mobilisation is complete, we need to unite as a political and physical force to defend ourselves. The Afrikaners have a lot of untapped power that has not yet been brought into play. We must become tough and hardened and we must be just as unreasonable as those Jews were who created Israel. They did not muck around. People should read more about the history of how Israel was created. I too must sit and read up on it. But there are EXTREMELY VALUABLE SURVIVAL LESSONS TO BE LEARNED FROM HOW ISRAEL WAS CREATED. That much I do know. The Jews did some pretty wild and strange things... read up about it. In the history of Europe, the armies were small. Few men volunteered to fight (before the Napoleonic wars when mass conscription came into play). For hundreds of years, Europe's history was controlled by the small armies which fought there. The lesson is this:-Few men fought - most did nothing - but it is the FEW who changed the political landscape of Europe. And so it is all over the world. It is the few who dare to fight, by word and by deed, who change the face of the world. The masses just go along with it. We must just be careful with our tactics and strategies though. We mustn't be idiots. We must build on solid foundations. Firstly, mobilise people MENTALLY. Then after that, we take it to the next level and we gain political cohesiveness, etc. Our ultimate goal must be to be in a position to defend ourselves against future attacks. These attacks are coming. The ANC is trying to hide its split, but half the blacks want to "do us" - they want to steal from us *NOW*. Mbeki is trying to slow this down, because he's "doing us" quietly... and he fears going too far may backfire on them... so Mbeki wants to screw slowly, while Zuma wants to screw quickly! Either way... the mad and insane blacks are merely arguing among themselves about which is the best way to screw us. The fact is... screwing us is on the cards... for them its just a question of the tactics and strategies of *HOW* & *WHEN* to screw us. We should therefore aim and prepare for them to come and screw us... and to be ready for them when they take it to the next level. This can be done. I have no doubt about this. All that each person out there must do is: Go and convert other whites - whites inside the country and outside the country. Family, friends, etc. Keep up the pressure. Wake up the other whites and support the Bittereinders who are out there with their message.Help guys like Eugene Terblanche. Like I say, Eugene Terblanche and I both have one thing in common - we firmly know and believe that whites in SA will be screwed as per Zimbabwe, and EVERY WHITE PERSON FROM RHODESIA/ZIMBABWE HAS SAID THE SAME THING FOR A LONG TIME. We don't want this country to end up like that hell hole.I'm quite confident though. Things are not as dark now as they were when I wrote my book. I think we stand a pretty damned good chance if we just keep on working together and sticking together. Its time we showed our enemies and also people in Europe and America what we're made of. They may have falsely concluded, since dealing with the likes of De Klerk, Pik Botha the snake and that wanker Roelf Meyer that we're all made of putty to be bent and shaped as they see fit. Its time they met some men and women made of steel.


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